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Dealing With Pressure

Pressure is that beast we’ve all had to grapple with at a competition in one form or another, we take a look at how pressure impacts ua all differently and some advice on how to deal with it.

5 days ago

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Can Horses Feel What We Feel?

As flight animals, horses are very responsive to human body language, so how does this impact performance, and how can we manage our emotions?

7 days ago

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Normal post rider reaction cross country

Rider Reactions

Often, one result of spending more hours in the saddle is being better equipped to take action as soon as you feel things aren’t going quite to plan. These quick reactions can be the difference between finishing on your dressage score and finishing in the dirt.

11 days ago

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Normal post rider position

Four Ways to Better Riding

Are there any riders among us who believe their bodies work as well as they should do? Whose lower back never hurts, whose joints always move flexibly and freely, whose body symmetry is as good as it can be?

13 days ago

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Grid post accuracy training

Nine Exercises to Improve Accuracy

Riding with accuracy is important in every phase of eventing. From improving your centre lines and transitions in dressage to confidently tackling narrow fences and tricky lines on the cross country course. BE Master Coach, Caroline Moore, reveals a few of her favourite exercises to help your accuracy in all phases.

14 days ago

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Grid post plaits

Perfecting Your Horse's Plaits

Are you looking to polish up on your plaiting skills? Piggy French's groom, Amy Phillips, shares her top tips and step by step guide to perfect plaits.

17 days ago

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