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Clean Feeding

Do you know exactly what’s in your horse’s feed? Are you confident that your horse would pass a drug test? And, did you know that some of your tackroom staples are on the prohibited substance list? Keep reading for advice and guidance on how to keep your horse's feed clean.

4 days ago

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The fitness benefits of horse riding

How many times have you heard ‘horse riding isn’t exercise, the horse does all the work’? Almost anyone who has ever sat on a horse could tell you this is not true, so we took a look at some of the data from BE Head Office staff from their own Fitbits to see exactly what exercise you are getting and the benefits eventing can have on your fitness.

5 days ago

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Dealing With Pressure

Pressure is that beast we’ve all had to grapple with at a competition in one form or another, we take a look at how pressure impacts ua all differently and some advice on how to deal with it.

5 days ago

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Rider Reactions

Often, one result of spending more hours in the saddle is being better equipped to take action as soon as you feel things aren’t going quite to plan. These quick reactions can be the difference between finishing on your dressage score and finishing in the dirt.

11 days ago

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Making Eventing Work For You

Anyone who chooses to compete in the sport of eventing inevitably has to work hard, and some enthusiasts have to go above and beyond to make the sport work for them. We find out from three riders how they manage their hectic schedules.

20 days ago

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What are Simple Metrics?

British Eventing have been working with EquiRatings for several years now, most of the work has gone on behind the scenes but we are now excited to launch a new project and bring an exciting new BE member benefit direct to your inbox!

about 1 month ago

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