“Taking your horse to the field is currently like doing a Tough Mudder challenge”

It may be winter, but Sarah and Woody have been out competing at indoor cross country – find out how they got on.

November is a funny, in-between month. Summer is long gone, but it’s not quite acceptable to crack the Christmas decorations out or blare the Christmas music just yet.  
It usually rains a fair bit, but this November has completely taken the Michael – it has POURED down for almost a month solid and there is mud EVERYWHERE. I know there are areas of the country that have had it much worse than us, but taking your horse to the field is currently like doing a Tough Mudder challenge and Woody’s white legs seem like a distant memory. 
Woody usually gets terrible mud fever as soon as the very first patch of mud appears. I swear he doesn’t even have to stand in it; just looking at it usually brings on those horrible, sore scabs. However, this year, even though the mud is much worse than normal, we have so far remained mud fever-free. The only difference this year is that his legs have been left unclipped, so I can only assume that his native feathers are protecting him. He looks like a woolly mammoth, but if it keeps him more comfortable than I’m happy – happy horse, happy life, right?
This month saw him coming back into work after a four-week post-eventing break and we did it slowly with lots of happy hacking and some gentle schooling. He felt fab after his break and was keen to work, so we prepared and headed off to a dressage outing, much to Woody’s disappointment: “Sorry, but where is the jumping mum?!” You can see how we got on in this month’s vlog, but it’s safe to say that we have a bit to work on over the winter!
We then headed out to indoor cross country the following weekend, which was MUCH more exciting for Woody. He was fantastic and cruised around the course effortlessly to take the win in the 95cm class, which I was thrilled about! Woody has never been one of those big flashy jumpers; he’s very economical and just gives each fence enough room and no more. It doesn’t look all that impressive, but it gets the job done and, at the end of the day, that’s all you need. 
One final note is that the BE fixtures are now LIVE for 2020, so naturally I’ve been planning my season already! I do have to juggle events with Woody with my Apt Cavalier tradestand, so I have to be clever in my planning, but I think I’ve got it all worked out. Now to get the dressage sorted over the winter...

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