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What do you need to know about heart murmurs?

Dr Ruth Morgan discusses the most common heart murmurs identified in event horses and also some of the less common but more concerning causes.

9 months ago

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Seven UK walks to wow you

Whether you are a competitor or eventing fan, walking and eventing go hand in hand. When you are not walking cross country courses on beautiful eventing estates and parklands, the UK is a walker’s paradise. Be it an arduous scramble up a sheer mountain or a gentle buggy walk through a field dusted in heather, here's some non-eventing walks for you to explore.

10 months ago

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Eight best winter workouts for your horse

What ever your level of eventing these work outs will get your horse fighting fit for the new season.

10 months ago

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Getting to know... international event groom Johanna Ward

Ever wondered what it's like to groom for one of the world's most decorated event riders? Johanna Ward shares what it is like to groom for Andrew Nicholson.

10 months ago

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