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Fuelling the Event Rider

Can what we eat help our performance on a horse? We speak to nutritionist Dr Dan Martin, about the foods you should (and shouldn’t) be fuelling up on and he shares his competition day meal plan.

3 months ago

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Getting your horse fit to event

One of the most important factors to consider when planning your return to eventing is ensuring that our horses are fit enough. With the help of BE Accredited Coaches Mark Corbett and Tim Cheffings, we take a look at the building blocks of fitness.

4 months ago

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Find Your Dream Equestrian Job

Charlotte Ricca-Smith explores the options for a career in the equestrian industry.

6 months ago

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Q&A with International Cross Country Course Designer Eric Winter

Youth Performance Manager, Darrell Scaife, sits down with Eric Winter (via Zoom) to put questions from some of the riders on the BE Youth Programmes.

6 months ago

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William Cursham: "Even with no sport running, there is still an enormous amount to do"

So, what now? Things do not stop with the decision to shut down. No events are running, but the machine that runs our sport, including BE’s HQ at Stoneleigh, still needs to keep running - but in a streamlined form, given that BE’s income streams have been heavily impacted by COVID-19.

6 months ago

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Feeding Your Horse a Balancer

When exploring your horse’s nutrition, the growing range of feed balancers could leave you feeling a bit unsteady, so we spoke to independent nutritionist Dr Teresa Hollands to bring some harmony to feed time.

7 months ago

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