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Schools saddle up! Part 2

This week we’re celebrating National School Sport Week (25-29 June 2018) by talking to some event riders currently at school. Today it’s the turn of Ellen Hobson, who goes to Queen Margaret's. 

Why do you love eventing so much?
I love the challenge of getting all three phases right on the same day (which doesn't happen very often), so you always have something new to work on or train for.
What’s the highest level you have competed at in eventing?
CCI1* and Intermediate. In 2017 I competed as part of the GB Youth Development Programme in Ireland at CIC1*.
What’s your favourite event?
Breckenbrough. I love the friendly atmosphere with it being one of the first northern events of the year, and the courses are always well turned out!
How do you juggle school work and eventing? 
I keep my horses at school with me, which means I can ride during the school day in my free periods, so keep the horses fit while still doing my work. I wouldn't be able to compete if my horses weren't at school with me! Riding at school is also a much-needed break from A level lessons!
What would be your top tip for other students juggling school and eventing? 
Time the events you compete at with the quieter parts of the school year and be honest with yourself during exams. Competing the weekend before an exam is not the best idea!
How does your school make it easy for you to event? 
Queen Margaret's is very flexible to allow my riding. I have been able to spend timetabled sports periods riding at the school stables, which has allowed me to ride daily without missing my studying time.
Do you take part in any other sports?
My 24 hours a day are split between work, riding, sleeping and eating, which doesn't allow for any other sports (not that I would want to do any others anyway!).

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