How to jump a narrow cross country fence

This aim of this exercise is to help horses and riders learn to confidently jump between the flags and lock on to narrow fences, with BE Accredited Coach Lisa Morris.

How to set up:

  • Start by trotting through a narrow set of flags or wings without a pole or fence until they are confident. If your horse is unsure, start with them slightly wider apart and bring them closer together as they get more confident.

  • Put up a small fence between the flags to introduce a jump. The aim at this stage is to build the horse’s confidence going between the narrow flags.

  • If you have access to a narrow brush pole (like this Jump 4 Joy one) replace the pole to now start replicating something you may find on a cross country course.

  • If your horse doesn’t understand the question you can put guide rails on either side of the fence to help them focus on the fence.