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Training Tuesday - Part 5 Chris Bartle's training tips

Great Britain’s World Class Performance Coach, Chris Bartle, shares his advice and exercises for you to try at home; part five, the final part of the series, looks at learning an exercise to perfect jumping corners.

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Part 5 - Jumping corners:

  • Set up a corner fence using four poles – two raised on stands and two on the floor underneath.
  • Rather than starting with a lesser angle, first ride the line and the angle with the back rail off.
  • Once you’ve done this a couple of times you can add a back rail. Ride it exactly the same. 
  • Taking the exercise a stage further, you can set up two fences on an acute angle and jump them separately at first before putting them together.
Think about your dressage training. To make a good turn onto the centreline you shouldn’t look at the ground, but focus on the judge’s hut at the end of the arena. Your lateral vision will take care of the rest. Once you have established the pace you want to be in and have picked up your line, your job is to make it happen and believe it will.

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Don’t forget the warm-up:

Relaxation – “The more you can give the rein to encourage the horse to take his nose out, the better, and keep your seat light in the beginning to encourage him to relax and use his back.”

Control of direction – “The inside and outside reins have different jobs. The outside rein is the disciplining rein, whereas the inside rein is more giving – I sometimes call it the horse’s friend. Support them with your inside leg and wait for them to accept the outside rein, then they will start to drop the neck and relax the muscles, and you can allow the neck to straighten.”