Home trends: creating zones

Eventing keeps us busy, whether it's combining competing with a full-time job, running a yard or horses, spectating or volunteering, more of us crave the time and space – however small – to kick back and relax at the end of the day.

Recent interior design trends are all about making the home as comfortable as possible, with cosy reading areas and the rise of the snug taking centre stage. It’s a look that marries nicely with the idea of carving out a little space to call your own as family members want to forge their own private space beyond their bedrooms.

The rise of the home worker has had an effect on the way we live, too, with a study area on many people’s list of non-negotiables when buying property or planning home improvements.
There’s even been the suggestion in some design circles of a return to Victorian ‘best rooms’ coming back in fashion, though for many of us a bean bag in the corner of the living room may have to suffice.


With space at a premium for many people, existing nooks and crannies in the home can be put to good use. The unloved, underused corner of a room can be perked up with the addition of a deep-seated comfy chair, chaise longue, or small sofa, a luxurious throw, and a stack of plumped-up cushions to surround yourself with.

Complete the look with a side table for your stack of good reads and floor lamp for a functional reading zone.


A small room can be transformed if you’re prepared to think outside the box (excuse the pun!). Instead of using it as a dumping ground for unwanted clutter, utilise the space to create a snug. Here, smart storage is key. The addition of an ordered floor to ceiling bookcase that doubles up as a place to put your collectibles and most-loved items will give the room height and structure, while deep pile carpets or a sumptuous rug over engineered wooden floorboards offer inviting touches. Soft lighting with dimmable lights add a lovely ambiance.


This trend is all about finding somewhere to switch off and chill out. The increase in tablet and smartphone use is creating the desire to escape constant connectivity, with a rise in the demand for quiet spaces around the home leading to tech-free zones and a welcome respite for the soul. It might be a reading retreat where you can cosy up with a good book, or an alcove or window seat with plush cushions and a scented candle or two. Lilacs, pinks and neutral colours soothe the senses, while a wood burning stove or roaring log fire can be hypnotic to the eye. It’s the perfect place for meditating or indulging in a welcome spot of down time. 
Extract from full article originally published in AGA Living magazine.