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What is the BE Winter Series? (and other FAQs!)

What is the Baileys Winter Series? 

The Winter Series is made up of a schedule of two competition formats: Jump Training and Arena Eventing. It takes place from early November until mid-February and both formats culminate in their own championships at the end of February.  

Jump Training 

As well as a show jumping competition, Jump Training also boasts the unique training element where BE Accredited Coaches are on hand to provide advice and feedback on your jumping in real time. It is broken down into three phases: 

  • Phase 2 - Riders receive a guided warming up session prior to the competition, again with a BE Accredited Coach.  

  • Phase 3 - The competition phase, whereby riders jump one round, get feedback from the Coach and jump again. 

Both of the rounds of show jumping are given marks for style, effectiveness of riding and the quality of the horse's jump and paces. Any show jumping faults over the two rounds are then included to produce a final score. 

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Arena Eventing 

In Arena Eventing competitors first complete a round of show jumps immediately followed by a cross country course, finishing over a show jump 'joker fence' set at 10cm higher than the rest of the course. The winner is the combination with the lowest penalties closest to the optimum time.

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Do you have to be a member to take part?

Nope! The winter series is open to both members and non-members. Members pay a lower entry fee than non-members and membership starts from just £25 with our Supporter Membership

Can I compete in the Winter Series if I’m under 18? 

Yes – just like with membership – competitors need to be in the year of their 12th birthday or older (there is no upper age limit). 

How do I qualify for the championship? 

The top 25% of each level at each Jump Training competition are eligible to go forward to the Championship (taking place at Solihull RC on 28 February 2021) and the top 10% of each level at each Arena Eventing competition qualify for the championship (at Dallas Burston on 27 February 2021). 

What levels can you compete at? 

Both Jump Training and Arena Eventing are run at BE80(T) (max height of fences 85cm), BE90 (max 95cm) and BE100 (max 105cm). Arena Eventing also runs Open classes at BE90 and BE100 level so, if your horse has BE grading points, you can take part. 

Where is the series taking place? 

The 2020/21 Winter Series Calendar can be found HERE.  

Do Winter Series Results go on my BE record? 

Yes, all your results go on to your BE record (including non-members). 

Do you get points for the Winter Series? 

No, BE Points and BE Foundation Points are not awarded for the Winter Series competitions.  

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