Tales from a BE volunteer: Peter and Victoria Asprey

To celebrate Volunteers’ Week (1-7 June 2018), we hear from some key members of the Eventing Family – the volunteers! Our final focus is on 2016 British Eventing Fence Judges of the Year Peter and Victoria Asprey.

Peter: “We were British Eventing Fence Judges of the Year in 2016. British Eventing noticed we’d been to 35 fixtures in the 2016 season and a similar number in the 2015 season. We’ve been supporting the sport for many years. My wife has been an international groom and I followed the sport as a teenager. I’ve fence judged and helped at events since then. In eventing, you get to see sport at all levels up close. We’ve travelled as far north as Scotland and as far south as Cornwall, into Wales and out to Norfolk.”

Victoria: “Every event is unique and has something different about it that’s really good. The atmosphere at events is so great and it’s so lovely to be able to see all the different country houses.”

Peter: “Rather than watch something on television, come and see the sport close and up front. You’re making decisions and recording what you see – it’s armchair sport in 3D in front of you.”

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