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My most ‘unusual’ Christmas present

Christmas is coming! So some top event riders share the most unusual presents Santa has delivered in the past…

Ben Hobday

“My uncle was skint one year as he had been travelling, so he bought our whole family the same present. It was a cheap model horse he got a bulk load of off the internet. I didn’t know what to say when I got mine, then rest of the fam pulled out theirs and we all started laughing.”

Franky Reid-Warrilow

“A purple fluffy French beret from my grandma when I was 18. It was the kind of thing you got for fancy dress as a six year old, so I just had to smile sweetly and say thank you and promptly gave it to my niece for her dressing-up box.” 

Alex Kennedy

“Once I received an amazing snow leopard onesie because I was living in a mobile home at the time and the winter nights really were quite cold! I lived in that onesie until March, it served me well!”

Nicola Wilson

“A horse print handbag!”

Mhairi Munro

“The most novel Christmas present I have ever received was during Secret Santa at my work’s Christmas night out. My boss had picked my name and decided to get me 160 LED finger lights. They did prove to be a lot of fun as the night went on and more alcohol was consumed – I think I made it home with about four out of 160.”

Emily King

“I was once given a necklace by someone – I won’t say who – but it was chunky and nasty. It went straight in the Oxfam bag.” 
Adapted from an article that first appeared in the November/December 2017 issue of British Eventing Life magazine.