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Meet the models behind the new BE Dog Coat range

Ever wondered what the components of a successful canine photoshoot are? Well, we discovered that it's primarily treats, patience and a few more treats. That said, it was vital that our models could sit still (for more than two seconds) and not chase after each other. If that can be done without too many stick related distractions then the rest is a breeze. We meet the stars of the show and find out what makes an eventing dog/model tick. 


Name: Cooper
Owner: Emily, Marketing and Communications Executive at British Eventing
Breed: Border Terrier
Nicknames: Coopy, Poopy, Scoopy, Coopus, Tinky, Stinky, Best boy, My boy (how many do you need?)
Age: 5 1/2
Favourite toy: Tennis ball
Favourite activity: Cuddling
Favourite food: Wainwright's turkey and vegetable grain free dog treats
Dislikes: Not being the centre of attention
Cooper wears: Lansdown waterproof coat 40cm


Name: Buddy
Owner: Gemma, International and Youth Co-ordinator at British Eventing
Breed: Bedlington Terrier x Whippet
Nicknames: Buddah, Bud Bud, Buddy Holly
Age: 7
Favourite toy: Socks
Favourite activity: Sleep
Favourite food: Sausages
Dislike: Cats
Buddy wears: Landsdown waterproof coat 40cm


Name: Xena
Owner: Siobhan, Risk Management Co-ordinator at British Eventing
Breed: Flat Coat Retriever
Nicknames: Xen, Pennas
Age: 4
Favourite toy: Pheasant toy
Favourite activity: The beach
Favourite food: Roast beef and yoghurt
Dislikes: Dog coats and sharing treats
Xena wears:
Landsdown waterproof coat 65cm


Name: Peggy
Owner: Gemma, International and Youth Co-ordinator at British Eventing
Nicknames: Pegs, Peggy Sue, Peglar
Age: 11
Favourite toy: Balls
Favourite activity: Chasing balls
Favourite food: Roast chicken
Dislikes: Cold weather
Peggy wears: Lansdown waterproof coat 35cm

The new range of waterproof and therma-dry dog coats can be purchased online HERE