Introducing a bounce fence

This is a great exercise for both horses and riders who have never jumped a bounce before, with a step by step guide to introducing one into your training at home.

  • Start by jumping a small upright fence

  • Introduce a placing pole at approximately 10 feet in front of the small upright

  • Canter over the placing pole and on to the upright

  • Turn the placing pole into another small upright

  • Using a different colour of pole for each fence will help your horse read that they are two different fences 

  • The key to jumping a bounce fence is to not mistake energy for speed, you need a good quality canter


Setting up the bounce:

The distance between the two fences of a bounce can vary between 9 and 12 feet.

On a cross country course, the distance is affected by the terrain and height of the fence, but for a training exercise in an arena set the distance to about 10 feet (about four human walking strides).

If the horse is finding the distance too long or short in an arena, adjust the distance between the fences.