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Five minutes with Laura Greenhalgh

We caught up with Laura Greenhalgh fresh from her BE90 Mitsubishi Motors Cup victory with Sarah Reeve’s Stanhopes Travelling Man.

How are you feeling?
It all feels very surreal. It’s very overwhelming to have won, and the prize giving was just amazing, but it definitely feels all a blur and like it maybe didn’t even happen, so definitely not sunk in and not sure it will!
How did you celebrate winning the BE90 Mitsubishi Motors Cup?
It was quite late by the time we were finished last night, but we went to a local Badminton pub with owner Sarah Reeve, her husband Simon and some friends. We were all a little worn out though, so I’m sure some proper celebrations are in order soon. Badminton party! 
How did you prepare for the Mitsubishi Motors Cup?
I’m quite thorough with preparation. Stan [Stanhopes Travelling Man] has been on the comeback from a minor injury, so I had worked backwards from Badminton to figure out where he needed to be with his workload and fitness, so we knew whether we were on track or not. 
With this being his first event of the season, I knew I had to be one step ahead with it all. I had some dressage lessons on grass with my trainer in a long arena doing some test riding. Stan has been going to the gallops for the last four weeks as I know the course is usually a bit longer. He’s done some British Showjumping and cross country schooling. 
Thankfully, previous runs here meant I knew where he needed to be with it all, so we could marry all the preparation up together at the event, and it all paid off and happened seamlessly – with some luck thrown in, too! 
What went differently this time?
This is my third time in the Mitsubishi Motors Cup. We have qualified four years in a row, but I missed a year with a broken ankle. He felt fantastic running here last year, but luck wasn’t on our side and we had four faults show jumping despite jumping very well. 
This year, because of him returning from a break, we really focused on the training and preparation. We really made sure he was fit enough. Thankfully, it’s all come together on the day.
What are your future eventing plans?
I only have Stan eventing this season, so future plans with him are just to keep him happy and enjoying what he does. We will probably aim for the Frickley Cup later in the year with him, and hope this win sets us up for a successful season. 
I try to be realistic with my ambitions based on the horses that I have. I would love to do some one and two star show jumping shows, and having previously ridden at one star (now two star) level eventing, it would be great to get some horses in to run at that level again. Some of the events really are in the most gorgeous settings and it’s such a wonderful opportunity to ride around these courses.

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