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EquiRatings guide to The Dodson & Horrell Chatsworth International Horse Trials

Get off to a good start
The winner of the CIC3* has lead from the start five times at Chatsworth in the last 10 seasons. Only two combinations have come from outside the top 10 to win a CIC3* section in the same time frame, Oliver Townend riding Flint Curtis (12th in 2008) and Padraig McCarthy riding Mr Chunky (11th 2016)

Ten times harder than average
Only five people have made the time cross country at Chatsworth CIC3* in the last 10 seasons, meaning the the cross country clear rate is only 0.6%. The global average at CIC3* is 10 times higher than this at 6.6%.

Given how hard it is to make the time, only three riders have finished on their dressage score (FOD) in this class at Chatsworth in the last 10 years, but they have risen a combined 59 places after dressage to all finish in the top 10.

What sort of jumping rate?
Cross country jumping clear rate at Chatsworth CIC3* has been varies over the years. In 2013, one CIC3* section had a cross country jumping clear rate of 90.9%. The opposite then happened the following year when one section finished with just a 39.6% clear rate. This trend of the cross country clear rate varying has happened all through the last 10 years of CIC3* competition at Chatsworth.

In each of the last four years, the show jumping clear rate has been exactly 27% in the CIC3* class. It has however been as low as 10% in 2008 and as high as 40% in 2013.

The target is 37.5
The average finishing score of the winners at Chatsworth CIC3* over the last 10 years with the dressage coefficient removed. This is the type of score our 2018 winners will be looking to finish on.