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Cross Country Boots for 2020

Premier Equine give their complete guide to the Air Cooled Eventing Boot range and how they can help protect your horse's legs this season.

Premier Equine Design

Premier Equine hold a long standing reputation as being leaders in the evolution of equine leg protection and air cooling technology. Driven by innovation, design and technology the brand has evolved and engineered the boot to provide horses with the number one choice of professional event riders throughout the world and are sold to every country participating in the sport of eventing, from the UK to Europe to the USA, Australia, New Zealand and China.

The Air Cooled Original Eventing and Racing Boot can be seen on many a horse in all four corners of the globe. Having led the protection market for two decades in air-cooled and strike protection and having an enviable record in protecting champion racehorses that have gone on to winning Grand Nationals (Many Clouds), Cheltenham Championship Races and Grade 1 Championship Races throughout the United Kingdom and rest of the world, Premier Equine’s dedication to protecting the world’s best performance horses has developed into what is today deemed by many as the number one eventing boot range.

Keeping your horse's legs cool

Meticulously designed in the UK by an expert in-house design team that is rich in equestrian heritage, knowledge and expertise the development of the range of technically advanced eventing boots has seen the incorporation of the latest in eventing boot technology with state of the art fabrics and materials to provide the ultimate eventing boot range. 

One of the technologies that has set the boot apart from others is the Patented Air Cooling technology GB2407777 and GB2394666 which provides 360o cooling - as the horse gallops air passes through the front vents, circulates and exits out of the side vents allowing a constant stream of cool air to pass through over the tendons, keeping them cool. 

Innovator of the PE eventing boot range, Managing Director Clive Davies’ meticulous attention to detail and relentless mission to improve the lives and protection of horses has seen the air cooled range develop into what is today the most innovative engineered range of protection boots available on the market. 

Testing and Developing Eventing Boots

Two decades of development and feedback from top professional riders and unrivalled innovation provide Premier Equine with an unbeatable formula for success and superior protection. Rigorous testing has been carried out both in the laboratory and in the field meaning the boot lasts the test of time making them a smart investment for the long term protection of your horse. 

Air Cooled Original Eventing Boots have been engineered from a combination of high quality materials, 2520D ballistic nylon and microfibre leather, and they incorporate an Eva lining - all of which provide, durability and impact protection.

Our Air Cooled Original Eventing Boots feature our Patented Air Cooling technology GB2407777 & GB2394666 which provides 360o cooling - keeping tendons cool with 6 air vents in the front, eight air vents in the hind. 

Amongst eventers another key issue is impact and strike protection. The Premier Equine Air Cooled range has led the market for strike protection for two decades and addresses the potential for a strike from the hind hoof to the front tendon by inserting a polycarbonate strike guard with a lifetime guarantee. 

Polycarbonate is super lightweight and provides superior strength to not only help deflect but prevent penetration of the hind hoof into the front tendon. Impact protection is provided by yet another strike guard strategically located to the front of the hind cannon which is an invaluable in the instance of high speed high impact collision with solid fences. 

Cross Country Boots used by Professional Event Riders

“We have used the Air Cooled Eventing Boot range since 2003. They are durable, light and fit extremely well. The air cooling technology is great necessity as they provide a cooling system for the horses legs which help to keep the core temperature of the leg down, helping to reduce any heat that may cause tendon damage. The strike guards provide the best protection against solid rails or strikes from the legs. They are easy to clean and they do not hold water meaning that they do not become heavy and do not slip.

"We highly recommend the Premier Equine Eventing Boot range for all types of event horses and we are impressed with the technology, materials and fit –  with the all-important air cooling technology.”  – Paul Tapner

The Premier Equine Range

Air Cooled Original Eventing Boots

Available in black or white.

£52 fronts, £56  hinds.


Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots 

The new age of eventing boot technology, the Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots have been engineered with a carbon tech microfiber outer in its entirety providing superior strength and durability. Microfiber leather is stronger than real leather that stretches and moulds to the leg and retains its original shape. It also offers the advantage of being lighter but offering greater protection.

The Carbon Tech Air Cooled Eventing Boots retains the key functional features of its predecessors, patented Air Cooling technology and the all-important polycarbonate strike protection. The newly engineered design provides a sleek aesthetic with new alterative options on the vent colour. The feedback on these boots has been phenomenal says the design team.

Available in black, white or navy.

£66 fronts, £70 hinds


Air Cooled Super Lite Carbon Tech Eventing/Racing Boots

Engineered with racing in mind, the Air Cooled Super Lite Carbon Tech Eventing/Racing Boots are less sculpted and shorter cut than our other eventing boot ranges to decrease weight. Front boots 180g, hind boots 266g - the impressive weight for protection ratio is why Premier Equine lead the way within the industry.

Made from lightweight Carbon Tech microfiber leather they are favoured by racehorse trainers who require superior lightweight protection and also by eventers who prefer to use lighter boots. An ideal horse boot for protection over solid jumping fences.

It is well known that heat, which is been created in output of energy through the horse’s leg can cause tendons to rupture, The Air Cooled Super Lite Carbon Tech Event racing boot address the issue through means of the six Air vents to the front eight to the back.

Add the speed in which these athletes are traveling and the you can begin to understand the advantages of using the boot to provide a concentration of constant airflow whilst the horse is in action. As worn by Grand National Winners and champion trainers world-wide.

Available in black.

£56 fronts, £60 hinds


All of our eventing boots in the range have the added benefit of being machine washable at 30 deg.

The strive for constant innovation means the delivery of technically advanced, superior protection for your horse.

Need advice choosing your cross country boots?

The knowledgeable Premier Equine customer services team will be happy to advise you on the best eventing boots for your horse. Call 01469 532279 or email